Pulling a Loic

I’m definitely not the first one to write about this and I most certainly won’t be the last either. I see that many of the participants at Le Web the last two days agree that Loic Le Meur made a strange decision (to say the least) with this last minute changes to the program. All of a sudden a conference about technology & media turned into a political platform for Nicholas Sarkozy and it clearly pissed off a lot of people, including me. I’ll refer to this from now on as ‘pulling a Loic’. Take a look here, here, here, … if you have any doubt.

Even crazier was that Sarkozy didn’t allow a qna at the end of his speech, you got to be kidding me, how web2.0 is that. Here we are talking two days long about the conversation, about the two-way communication and what not… and then you get this. I really enjoyed talking to Loic when we were arranging the Windows Live sponsorship of Le Web, and overall he did a great job together with Geraldine and his team with the conference, but he didn’t do much good with these changes.

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