It’s seems like it’s all about mobile this week. It started with Blackjack, the new Samsung smartphone. This phone seems like a perfect answer to what I want.


I want a smartphone running Windows Mobile 5, but so far I always had to compromise. I want it to be fairly small, but do miss the little keyboard on these small ones (like the HTC I use now). The Motorola Q came closest to what my wishes are, but still I found it too wide. It seems like the Blackjack is what I need, I don’t know whether it will make it to Europe though.

Also this week, the Windows Live Search for Mobile beta got launched for smartphones & J2ME capable phones, take a look at the video. The Windows Live Messenger for mobile browsers was launched as well.

There’s one thing I would love to see coming to the Windows Mobile platform, and are Widsets. Ine showed it to me not so long ago and that looked really cool. I think it’s going to be a big bet for Nokia.

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