Technorati support?

Since October WordPress offers the possibility to use your own domain name for your blog. I had bought a couple of months earlier already so I did that right away. The only doubt I had about the switch from to was related to the Technorati ranking, I claimed both blogs but they’re andContinue reading “Technorati support?”

I need it 4 yesterday

“Pay attention, professionals –or not- in Communication, Marketing and Advertising. These things happen almost every day; sometimes we don’t even notice them. But they’re here to stay. They are verbatims. And yes, they’re REAL.” So reads the introduction of AdVerbatims and if you hadn’t seen this before, you should go take a look. It’s weeklyContinue reading “I need it 4 yesterday”

Join the Conversation

Only two days ago Jaffe announced the name of the new book he’s writing: Join the Conversation (How to engage marketing-weary consumers through the power of community, dialogue and partnership). Given the subject I think it’s cool to see that today he goes even further and offers everyone out there to be part of thisContinue reading “Join the Conversation”

Happy traveling? (Cont’d)

It took them almost a week, but today got the call I was waiting for from Aviapartner: my luggage has been found. That’s good news, I still believe Aviapartner should provide better ways to query on your lost luggage, I definitely didn’t get the information I wanted about it while waiting, but at least theyContinue reading “Happy traveling? (Cont’d)”

Welcome to the social!

Yesterday I got an early Xmas present: a Zune. I had the intention to get one anyway to find out how it compares to the iPod, I wanted to know how Microsoft (my employer) is going to compete in this space and you can’t do that only by reading the reviews (at least that’s whatContinue reading “Welcome to the social!”

Five things you probably don’t know about me

I doubt whether you really want to know this, but since you asked here are the “five things you probably don’t know about me”: Just like Claudine (hah!) my real name is a bit different from the one you know me by, it actually is Kristiaan. My parents weren’t allowed to name me just KrisContinue reading “Five things you probably don’t know about me”

Agencies going to war?

Agencies start to embrace guerilla advertising tactics more and more, so it makes sense that they use it as well when advertising for themselves. There is a difference though between agencies/brands using guerilla tactics to target consumer and agencies going head on with eachother. I guess Saatchi & Saatchi won’t leave it like this, afterContinue reading “Agencies going to war?”