I would love to see this!

It’s strange I missed this before, but yesterday I read about this interactive cinema commercial that Fiat has done in Brazil. The reason that I still want to talk about this, is that it combines a lot of my interests actually. I’ve been working in cinema for 7 years and there I saw the first experiments of digital cinema a couple of years ago. And as a marketer, I’m always keen on learning about new ways to interact with consumers.

I remember that with the first digital cinema projectors being installed, it got us thinking about how this would change advertising in cinema over time. Trying to get the audience to interact with the commercial was one of the ideas that looked very exciting, so it’s great to see that the first examples are out there now.


In this case, Fiat (well Agencia Click in fact) created a six-minute-long interactive movie in a “choose you own adventure” kind of style which generates 16 different endings. The interactive part comes when the audience is invited to answer on-screen questions by texting answers to a number. The final version of the movie is compiled from the clips that gather the most votes. The campaign site (in Portuguese) is here.

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