Big Brother in Second Life

Well I’m not sure who’s watching you in Second Life, this on is about the tv show Big Brother. Endemol in The Netherlands has opened it’s first Big Brother house in Second Life (NL). The first project they have is a virtual International edition of Big Brother, set to start on December 1st. If you’re interested to take part in this you can subscribe from today in the Big Brother house in Second Life. Every player will have to be online in the house at least 8 hours per 24 hours. Endemol will pick 15 players out of 3 different timezones to play the game and other Second Life users can pick the 3 players that should leave the house each week. Everyone can of course follow the events in the house and watch the players with the challenges they will be given each week. The winner will get his own tropical island in Second Life.

I think it’s interesting to see how this concept is going to Second Life and how many people will be interested to take part if in. To be continued.

[Update] Big Brother in Second Life website (thanks to Coolz0r)

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  1. Coolz0r says:

    Get out of my head! :)

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