Virtual Earth goes 3D

Today Microsoft announced the launch of a local search component that will add a 3D element to the maps in You need to download the component, but after that you’ll be able to get 3D imagery in your browser (IE only) from 15 cities in the US which will expand soon. The imaging technology used is from Vexcel Corp. which Microsoft acquired earlier.


I also like the idea of advertising in there. VE 3D will come with a functionality developed by Massive (a company Microsoft acquired in May, known for in-game advertising) that will let advertisers buy virtual billboards in the 3D environment. C|Net reports that some advertisers are in a pilot already:

“But Virtual Earth 3D does include fixtures that might not necessarily be visible in the real world: “virtual billboards” float above buildings with advertisements on them as part of a pilot advertising program, said Stephen Lawler, general manager of the Virtual Earth group. For instance, Fox has a virtual billboard hovering above the AMC cinema in downtown San Francisco. Other advertisers are Nissan Motor, Zip Realty and John L. Scott realty.”

Well I’m excited, I hope I find some time the next days to have a look around but I think it looks good. (Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft).

Here’s some more about it, including images:

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  1. I was pretty excited too, until I got an error message (off course, only AFTER downloading and installing the whole thing) because I currently live in an unsupported country / region…

  2. romain says:

    can’t access either
    same reason :(

  3. Kris Hoet says:

    @ Robin & Romain: I flagged your comment to the product team but they knew already about the issue apparently. They’re trying to fix asap, here’s some more from the VE team about this:!2BBC66E99FDCDB98!7763.entry

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