Windows Live Search for your website

Recently Windows Live Search got some exciting updates (Disclaimer – I work for Microsoft). Mid October the search macro feature was updated, which allows you to create your own search engine that you can easily add to your page. I created two search macros a couple of months ago when the service was launched at first. One for marketing (based on the top 25 marketing blogs from The Viral Garden) and one for advertising (based on the top 25 advertising blogs from Beyond Madison Avenue). I uploaded both macros now also to the WIndows Live Gallery.

Today the Windows Live Search team announced another exciting feature. You can now add search to your site with the Live Search box. There’s a basic and an advanced option to do this, more info at this site. Thanks to Scoble I know I don’t have to try to add it to WordPress (too bad) but you can see how it works at SearchEngineWatch.

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