Women scan, men dig

I heard this today during the presentation of Marco Merkx from Orange on the Marketing3 conference in The Netherlands. I was following this on streaming video – long live technology – and I found it to be an interesting quote. It was related to their launch of Belle.nl, a mobile e-commerce that is targetted to women.Continue reading “Women scan, men dig”

Tricks to viral web marketing

On a daily basis you can find tricks, how to’s, rules, … to make sure your viral marketing will stand out. This interests me quite a lot, but honestly I never read an article that stood out. Things like “make a great ad”, “have people talk about it”, “share it with others”, … don’t reallyContinue reading “Tricks to viral web marketing”

One year of ‘Cross The Breeze

This is it: I’m blogging for one year now, as from today. A year ago, I figured that if I really wanted to understand the blogosphere reading blogs wasn’t enough. I had to try this out for myself. So on November 24th 2005 I started this blog on WordPress.com. I was looking for a free & easyContinue reading “One year of ‘Cross The Breeze”

I would love to see this!

It’s strange I missed this before, but yesterday I read about this interactive cinema commercial that Fiat has done in Brazil. The reason that I still want to talk about this, is that it combines a lot of my interests actually. I’ve been working in cinema for 7 years and there I saw the firstContinue reading “I would love to see this!”