Today on the WordPress dashboard I saw ‘strange maps’ appear in the top blogs of the day. I’m not very much into geography or anything, but there are definitely some cool maps there. Take this “The World According to Ronald Reagan” satirical map for instance. Also take a look at this one, it shows […]

I heard this today during the presentation of Marco Merkx from Orange on the Marketing3 conference in The Netherlands. I was following this on streaming video – long live technology – and I found it to be an interesting quote. It was related to their launch of, a mobile e-commerce that is targetted to women. […]

Gears of War seems to be scoring incredibly good on all fronts. It started with the reviews that gave very high ratings, like the 9.4 on IGN for instance. Then GoW became the fastest selling Xbox 360 title with 1 million copies sold in 2 weeks. And yesterday Joystiq reported that “Mad World”, the song […]

On a daily basis you can find tricks, how to’s, rules, … to make sure your viral marketing will stand out. This interests me quite a lot, but honestly I never read an article that stood out. Things like “make a great ad”, “have people talk about it”, “share it with others”, … don’t really […]

When I was driving to the airport today, I saw something funny. In front of the runway of the Antwerp Airport is a road that is ‘closed’ whenever a plane is flying in. Nothing spectacular, just traffic lights to have the traffic stopped for a while until the plane has passed. Now today, the traffic […]

This is it: I’m blogging for one year now, as from today. A year ago, I figured that if I really wanted to understand the blogosphere reading blogs wasn’t enough. I had to try this out for myself. So on November 24th 2005 I started this blog on I was looking for a free & easy […]