Real beauty, real breakthrough

I wrote about the Dove commercial on real beauty a few days ago and there are some key learnings we can get out of this one. Pete Blackshaw at ClickZ Network did a good post with the 10 key takeaways from this campaign which you should take a look at. Here is already one that I think jumps out:

“Evolution as consumer-fortified media (CFM). Unlike the vast majority of viral videos out there, this ad was 100 percent brand or agency created. But it was fortified by intense consumer commentary, conversation, and dialogue. Put another way, co-creation was an end results but not the starting point. Looking ahead, expect CFM to become a key success criteria for brands looking for tangible evidence of consumer appeal, involvement, and engagement. Every Super Bowl ad, for instance, has latent potential as CFM, but it’s not a guarantee.”

Mack Collier also talks about the great results comparing the paid traditional advertising part with the free viral element. Though I think that it’s very much the fact that both traditional and new media were used that results are what they are.


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