After I started blogging for a few weeks, months (I started in November last year) I figured I would definitely try and keep doing this and that made me decide to buy the domain. A good friend helped me out to do a url forward to my blog at (thanks Tom) but I didn’t really use it a lot since all links would be to Then WordPress announced that they were about to finalize a service that you could link your WordPress blog a different domain. And only 2 days later the domain mapping feature went live. DNS changes took a while, but as from today, you’ll see that the url of my blog is:

I know all of this was available if you hosted WordPress yourself, but I just want to use a great service without too much technical fuzz and offers me just that. It’s also great to see they listen to their users, something Technorati should do as well. I sent them a request about domains a week or two ago but still no sign of an answer.

Now I’m on my own domain, maybe I’ll have to take a look at this WordPress upgrade that allows you to change the CSS as well. In general I’m quite happy about this layout, but I do want to change some things here and there. I don’t know a thing about CSS though, so if anybody cares to help me out: you’re very welcome ;-)

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  1. Seva Leonov says:

    Congratulations! Now you also need email like kris @ crossthebreeze dot com :)

  2. Matth says:

    Congrats… Champagne my friend… Champagne!

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