A day with Shel & Rick

Last Saturday Shel Israel & Rick Segal where in Belgium and we had the chance to spend the day with them. The fact that we could have this meeting is for me one of the best results of blogging so far.

Back in the beginning of August I wrote about ‘Naked Conversations’ and Shel, who obviously is very much in the conversation, commented on that the day after. In the same week, Shel also announced his plan to do a world tour with Rick. I thought of this as a opportunity and sent an email to Shel asking whether they were interesting in traveling to Brussels as well to meet up with a few people and Shel & Rick immediately said yes. So we started planning for it as well. Originally this was supposed to happen at the beginning of September, but badly enough it had to be canceled/delayed. By mid September, the new dates were set and Brussels was on the schedule for October 21st.

So Simon McDermott (who had also been in contact with them) and I looked at what the most interesting agenda could be and we decided to do a dinner with bloggers and a roundtable with agency bloggers/strategists. The dinner to take place in a restaurant called Belga Queen and the roundtable at the H2O Towers. Since I travel quite a lot myself, but hardly ever see something of the cities that I’m in, I also proposed Shel & Rick to start a bit earlier so we could have a quick walk around the center of Brussels. I’m not a big fan of Brussels, but the “Grand Place” is definitely amongst the most beautiful in Europe.

(c) Pieter Baert

It turned out to be a very interesting day and I couldn’t thank them enough for this opportunity. We had a good dinner with Pietel, Ine, Peter, Luc, François, Damien, Jean Philip, Veerle, Bea, David, Geert, Tom, Coolz0r, Simon with our guests. And also the roundtable generated a really good conversation with Bert, Philip, Olivier, Evert-Jan, Tom, Tanguy, Peter and David, Geert & Simon again as well. I enjoyed the day, hope all the others did as well. Here is some coverage of the day (I’ll update when needed):

Or check out the Flickr sets of some of the guests:

So that wraps it up. Thanks to everybody for being there and to the others: the conversation is already going on, also for your brand, so you’d better join ;-)

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  1. Bart says:

    Sounds interesting!

  2. shel israel says:


    Thanks so much for making this happen. It was a very special and valuable day for both Rick and me.

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