The vibe. This must be London

More than any other city in Europe, I feel this vibe every time I’m in London. It just keeps amazing me. Last night we had a dinner with a few people in Yauatcha (great restaurant by the way) and had a drink in some Havana cigar bar close to Oxford street. After that I walked back to my hotel all the way at the end of Piccadilly and even though it’s around midnight the streets are just crowded. I really enjoy that every time.


Courtesy of Ariz

Downside to these regular trips is London City Airport. It’s annoying me more and more every time I go there (although I used to like it). I’m not going to rant about the security check again, but it’s becoming really silly. And to make the London City Airport experience complete, the wireless didn’t work (again). At least I didn’t pay for it first this time.

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