Feed stats

Two weeks ago, my RSS feed stats dropped with almost 80%. That was quite alarming, but when I asked around or looked it up on the WordPress forum nobody else seemed to have the problem.

Was it something I wrote? I wondered what the reason was, but knew that the impact was a bit abrupt to be a result of writing quality or whatever.

Yesterday I found out. Apparently WordPress has tweaked the feed stats recently, explaining that the initial feed stats were artificially high (damn).

“When a service like Netvibes gets very large they start needing lots of machines to do the work, so these requests may start arriving from different machines. There may be as many as ten machines each reporting “30 subscribers” which makes it seem as though there were 300 subscribers. This was making your feed stats report a falsely high number of subscribers.”

Back to earth ;-) By the way, anybody know how I can replace the default WordPress.com feed by Feedburner?

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