Trying to make sense out of it

Why is it that I can take my deodorant stick on the plane to London, but not back with me to Antwerp? Why is it that I have to take my shoes of flying out of London, but there’s no need to do so flying out of Milan? Why is it that I have to take my pc out flying out of Brussels, but that I can leave it in the back flying out of Barcelona?

I’m feeling very sorry for all that has happened that resulted in these new regulations, but why can’t these regulations be the same everywhere? I’m trying to make sense out of it, makes my traveling life much easier. And of course I don’t mind taking my shoes of, or taking my PC out, but it’s a bit different to what you can bring with you and what not. 

I was thinking I should have a locker at London City Airport for everything I won’t be able to take with me. Definitely an opportunity for perfume brands to provide samples at the airport ;-)

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