My travel companions

There’s no better time to catch up on email or blogging than while traveling on a plane. Well at least for me it is, especially for blogging. And since I’m flying almost once a week these days, it’s a good thing. With Landslide from the Smashing Pumpkins on my iPod and Windows Live Writer open for blogging the flight is over before I know it.

One thing was not ideal so far and that was that I had the webpages I wanted to look at open in several tabs in IE7 and then set my pc in sleep mode when I left. That meant some preparation before leaving, and the pc had to stay on all the time. Not ideal. There’s probably a million ways to do better, but that’s how I used to do it. Today I decided to give Onfolio a try and captured the webpages and saved local copies. I was surprised how easy and fast that went actually.

Other hints always welcome of course.

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  1. romain says:

    nice music taste :]
    20/20 is quiet good to screenshot too

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