Real beauty, real breakthrough

I wrote about the Dove commercial on real beauty a few days ago and there are some key learnings we can get out of this one. Pete Blackshaw at ClickZ Network did a good post with the 10 key takeaways from this campaign which you should take a look at. Here is already one thatContinue reading “Real beauty, real breakthrough”

Conversational marketing is not …

… word-of-mouth marketing. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case, I think I’d rather the imitators keep their distance.The word-of-mouth marketers have latched onto a term that was gaining traction in the blogosphere — conversational marketing — and they’re trying to turn it into something that it’s not.” Quote from TomContinue reading “Conversational marketing is not …”

A day with Shel & Rick

Last Saturday Shel Israel & Rick Segal where in Belgium and we had the chance to spend the day with them. The fact that we could have this meeting is for me one of the best results of blogging so far. Back in the beginning of August I wrote about ‘Naked Conversations’ and Shel, whoContinue reading “A day with Shel & Rick”