Windows Live Writer 1.0 (beta) update

Ever since Windows Live Writer was released, I’m using it to blog. I really like the program and the opportunity the SDK gives to create add-ons for Writer. I installed a couple of them, but Tag4Writer and Flickr4Writer are the ones I use most.

Today the Writer team released an update, and it has enough in there to upgrade. And if you blog, but haven’t tested it yet, it’s definitely worth a try. Here are the main updates:

  • Tagging support
  • Support for Blogger Beta
  • Categories are sorted by name and support scrolling, plus improved support for reading categories from your blog
  • Improved startup performance
  • Paste is enabled for Title region and TAB/SHIFT+TAB navigation between title and body supported
  • Insert hyperlink added to context menu when text is selected
  • Title attribute in Insert Link dialog
  • Custom date support for Community Server
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for switching views
  • Change spell-check shortcut key to F7
  • Add ‘png’ to insert image dialog file type filter
  • More robust image posting to Live Spaces
  • Improved style detection for blogs 
  • Fixed issues with pasting URLs and links
  • Remember last window size and position when opening a new post
  • Open post dialog retrieves more than 25 old posts

The Windows Live Gallery now also holds a category for Live Writer plugins so find them there, upload the ones you created.

Find more on Writer at JJ Allaire’s blog.

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