Outsource blogging?

Blogsforcompanies talked about outsourcing your company blog a few days ago. The post refers to another post about the subject at Webpronews. Both agree that hiring  professional bloggers to write for your blog is a great idea. Well, I’m not that sure.

First of all I think there are two type of blogs that might require professional bloggers. First of all it’s possible that you hire someone (or a few people) to write on a blog that is related to a certain subject like marketing for instance. Since you will probably hire marketing professionals to do this, it is a very feasible idea. Second, and that’s what both blogs talk most about, is the idea where you hire someone that will blog about your company. This is where I don’t really believe in. The fact that you might hire a person that know all about blogging, doesn’t compare to the knowledge you miss on company culture, business specific lingo and the business that company operates in in general.

Does this mean companies can’t use the help of professional bloggers? Of course they can. As blogging will become part of many companies communication plans, they need help for this, just like they need help for PR, Advertising, … but hiring somebody to write for you? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Finally, ending a blogpost with “So if you want to build a successful company blog, hire a professional blogger. Or simply contact me.” doesn’t help believing. At least not for me.

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