‘Cross the vine

For the last few months I’m running a column at Newsvine next to my blog. I got on the Newsvine beta back in January, but it wasn’t until May or so that I actively started using it. I don’t use the Newsvine column to write stuff (which is possible though) because that’s what I do here. I use it to capture links to interesting articles that I’m not writing about on ‘Cross The Breeze. I’m on Delicious as well, but I miss the conversation element there, although it’s great to see who else saved the links. And Digg, well I got my account but never liked using it that much. And I think the conversation on Newsvine is in general of a better quality. But that’s a personal opinion of course.

So whenever you’re interested in the things I write about, then you might be interested in my Newsvine column as well. You can find an extract of it in the right nav, or at http://crossthebreeze.newsvine.com.

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