Belgian marketing magazine sues (or not yet?)

Well we ain’t there yet and it probably will never come to that, but in one of the comments on the earlier post about the marketing media in Belgium Bart tells me that “I’m not supposed to link to MM” and I think like, yeah sure! But the crazy thing is, that it’s actually true. I checked it out the footer of the website and there it actually says:

“Each user or visitor of this website agrees not to link to this website (including secondary pages) from any other website”

Honestly, you got to be kidding me! I really saw the headlines already in front of me: “Belgian marketing magazine sues”. No wonder only 2% of all advertising spend in Belgium is on internet… At least now I understand a bit better why they don’t have RSS feed yet.

If there’s on thing I can say to the defense of MM, then it’s that it can actually be even a lot worse. Bart pointed out to the ‘internet policy’ of the website of the Boston School of Electrolysis. If you want to link to them you have to send a written request first with photo-ID, your ISP, reason for the link, business plan, … It looks like I’m a cyber-pirate then.

Oh yeah, Bart was pretty much ok with my link. I checked ;-)

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  1. Smetty says:

    We already had some fun on our blogs linking to them this year in january.

    Like here:

    It’s been on some major marketing sites back then, but I guess they don’t care.

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Thanks, I missed out on that one. Indeed amazing how they don’t seem to care.

  3. A blogging or social bookmarking (or publishing of any other kind) platform can (normally) not be held accountable for the input of its users… as long as it removes infringing content upon notification.

    (That’s what I retained from the explanation of Patrick Van Eecke )

    An American case:
    (on Wikipedia not being liable for the user contributions on its site)

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