It’s violent out there!

How long ago did you read about the latest iPod killer? Sony, Microsoft, … all of these companies had there secret weapon in the battle owning this space. And it is a battle. Microsoft attacks blackberry, Apple attacks digital living room, Google attacks the desktop, … and I could go on and on. And there are casualties as well. Apparently DVD is dead, radio is dead and cinema is about to die soon, … Yeah it’s violent out there, I wonder if I need to duck the next time I see one of our competitors ;-)

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  1. Michael Sync says:

    >>Google attacks the desktop
    this is good.AFAIK, google desktop keeps on uploading all of ur personal data to their server. (**I have no idea about how secure for our private data.) but my company doesn’t allow us to install google desktop in our work machine..

    aniway, i love google. :)

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