About marketing media in Belgium

… and about the conversation. Since about a year or so we’ve seen Belgian agencies starting to share their thoughts and impressions on blogs. I-Merge was probably the first to go big on this, and they got the most momentum for it as well. But they’re definitely not alone. The rhythm of postings is different across all blogs, but on most you get quite regular updates. Only few didn’t manage to keep it going, like ClickFlux (Fastbridge) but still, the bad news is yet to come.

Here’s a list of the agency related blogs in Belgium, I might have missed a few ones, especially in the individuals category, I’d be very interested fo find out.


Individuals at agencies:

Related to that we also have the Digimedia Expert blog (Digimedia) who covers on digital media (as you could already imaging) and the new Feweb blog that is mainly related to web development.

So what’s the bad news then? (This part holds only Dutch links by the way) There’s absolutely no sign of the 2 major marketing/advertising related Belgian magazines on this. Media Marketing is running a special this month on “blogs, the new buzz” but that’s about it. Open up any issue of MM or PUB and there’s not much on it to be found, and don’t even get me started on their websites. If you compare that with what they’re doing in The Netherlands for instance with Molblog, MarketingFactsMarketing Online, Dutch Cowboys, Frankwatching, Emerce and the newly launched Clamare! you really start to wonder. It’s a long, long road … (The Hollies)

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  1. Olivier De Doncker says:

    Thanks for the link. Here’s my personal website for your list :

  2. Hey Kris, Yves Van Landeghem, who’s strategic planner at Saatchi has a personal blog that is among my favorites: ief.typepad.com.

  3. Bart says:

    Ooh Kris, you’re not supposed to link to MM!

  4. Laurent says:

    You can also add gwix.net from Emakina

  5. Pietel says:

    Evert-Jan De Kort from Duval Guillaume E

    Christophe Bouten from DGE

  6. Even schaamteloos pleiten voor het eigen winkelke : jullie kunnen ook altijd mijn merkenblog eens proberen : brandcoach.typepad.com

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