Finally testing Vista RC1

I was very eager to get Windows Vista on my pc and test it for myself. On Friday, after a memory upgrade, I had Vista RC1 installed on my Toshiba M200 together with  Office 2007 beta 2 TR. Just like it didn’t want to go back to Office 2003 after getting on the Office 12 2007 beta, It looks like this is going to happen again with Vista.

Although my laptop is 2 years old, Vista runs really smooth and after only 1 day of testing, I can tell you that the integrated search functionalities are really useful.

If my colleagues would be so kind to pass me on some of the new hardware they announced than it’ll be like an all new pc ;-) You can see the full list of new hardware here, but Don Dodge picked out just the 2 items that were on my list as well: a small laptop webcam with highest resolution on the market and a wireless headset with Windows Live Call button. Bring it on.

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