Windows Live updates (6)

Here are we are back with the latest updates on Windows Live – sixth edition already. First update and the most important is the most recent one, namely the launch of and Live Search. MSN Search is now actually history and all searches, also those from MSN go to Live Search. Interesting updates on Live Search include the scratchpad, video search beta and the related searches feature (more on Liveside). Windows Live Local came out of beta as well with this release and Windows Live QnA got into public beta only a few days before all this as well. At almost the same time John Batelle’s new Searchmob points us to an article of that states that the MSN Live Search is the safest search engine out there.

Together with all the search updates, let’s not forget that Windows Live for mobile got launched as well. Try it on your cellphone now at

There was one service that was expected to be a Windows Live service (codename Warhol) but news on the service leaked and it will be MSN branded, namely Soapbox on MSN Video: Microsoft’s video upload service.

What else? The Windows Live Local Outlook add-in is in beta (download of the day on Lifehacker a few days ago), Windows Live Onecare Family Safety is now available in beta and the MSN Alerts for Messenger are now also finally available under the Windows Live brand (you can get this for free for your own blog at by the way).

In the rumors section we find screenshots of the upcoming Windows Live Mail M8, and a preview of Windows Live Essentials and Dashboard. And if you’re thinking ‘how many Windows Live services are there actually?‘ after reading about those new services I just mentioned, MSBlog has got the whole, full, non edited list! And as always whenever you want to find out which Windows Live betas are available in your market: or just find out about the released services:

On the business part of Live, Marketing VOX got the news that Microsoft started a pilot of ContentAds, the AdSense rival that is part of Microsoft AdCenter.

And also, related to all that, let’s not forget that LiveSide, one of the best unofficial sources on Windows Live updated their site as well:

That’s it, it has been a while with the holidays and stuff, so long post and many links, hope you find it interesting.

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