Feed n° 400

Today I added the 400th RSS feed to my feedreader. I wouldn’t have expected to follow up on this amount of feeds if you would have asked me let’s say a year ago, but I actually find it not that hard at all. Main reason for that? Probably a good system to go through them, but GreatNews is definitely a key element in it as well. I had an other opinion when testing it at first, but now I couldn’t live without. Let’s hope it runs on Vista, getting on the RC1 tomorrow.

The 400th feed was from the Attentio blog. Attentio is a company that monitors and analyzes the European blogosphere and in that way very much related to some of the stuff I’m doing. I just got in touch with Simon McDermott from Attentio through an email conversation with Shel Israel and Rick Segal that we were both on and that’s how I found out. Funny to meet people in your own country this way. Anyway, through this blog, I also found a link to the wiki of Loïc Le Meur on the European Blogosphere that’s pretty interesting.

Back on the RSS feeds, I think I’m going to see if I can’t get some feeds out of my OPML again, 400 still is about enough. As always, you can find my OPML at Share Your OPML (I’ve just updated it).


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