Feed n° 400

Today I added the 400th RSS feed to my feedreader. I wouldn’t have expected to follow up on this amount of feeds if you would have asked me let’s say a year ago, but I actually find it not that hard at all. Main reason for that? Probably a good system to go through them, but GreatNews is definitely a key element in it as well. I had an other opinion when testing it at first, but now I couldn’t live without. Let’s hope it runs on Vista, getting on the RC1 tomorrow.

The 400th feed was from the Attentio blog. Attentio is a company that monitors and analyzes the European blogosphere and in that way very much related to some of the stuff I’m doing. I just got in touch with Simon McDermott from Attentio through an email conversation with Shel Israel and Rick Segal that we were both on and that’s how I found out. Funny to meet people in your own country this way. Anyway, through this blog, I also found a link to the wiki of Loïc Le Meur on the European Blogosphere that’s pretty interesting.

Back on the RSS feeds, I think I’m going to see if I can’t get some feeds out of my OPML again, 400 still is about enough. As always, you can find my OPML at Share Your OPML (I’ve just updated it).



  1. shel israel says:

    Just consider Rick and me the Connector Twins. e look forward to meeting you Kris.

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