Email marketing mistakes

I didn’t want to write about this at first, but it happens so often that something goes wrong in an email marketing campaign that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Whether it is about a small detail or whether you send out passwords to 380.000 customers, just like the Swedish broadband supplier Bredbansbolaget did week ago.

With RSS and other new ways of distribution in mind, email marketing probably is still the most important way to communicate on a 1to1 basis with consumers. And although the level of mistake is different, you see it with small and big companies. Haven’t you ever got an email in the wrong language, personalised with the wrong name, everyone in the ‘to’ line or other. Or else you’re just unable to unsubscribe :-(

Last week MarketingProfs was the one who goofed, as they expressed it themselves. This is the email we received after getting several last chance offers from them.

We goofed – SORRY!

Dear Valued Member,

We are so sorry for the many messages you may have received from us today. It was not intentional.

We’re running some sales tests right now, and we made a technical mistake in our selection process. Believe me, our hearts are heavy with regret for this error.

I assure you we are very protective of your email address, and would NEVER intentionally engage in this type of practice.

Please forgive us.

If you have emailed us to complain, thank you. We hope to respond to each and every one of you personally as well.

Thank you for your understanding.

And yes I will still continue to read on (although not trough email anymore) and no it’s not so much the fact that people make mistakes – that’s human nature, we all do. But what does annoy me is that I get the feeling companies are getting sloppy with personal data. Data that you trusted to a company and that they should care about (and protect accordingly).

This is also why I believe in RSS more than ever, hardly any personal data is exchanged and at least you unsubscribe when you want.

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