All kinds of art

I got tons of respect for people in my business that do or know stuff that is better than I could ever think of myself. But what I even respect more – and maybe that’s the same for everyone, I don’t know – are people that create beautiful and great things that are completely out of my experience or knowledge.

I posted only recently about this incredibly stunning vector art, and last week I came across these 2 other beautiful pieces of art. I wouldn’t even know where to start to create these pieces of art!

The first one you should see is this great papercraft art. Really, how this guy creates these 3D scenes ‘just’ by cutting up some A4 papers – incredible.


The second really cool creative I found this week, is this ‘pavement art‘. Especially the waterfall drawing is really good. Stunning…


[Via Mighty Optical Illusions | Brandflakes for Breakfast]

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