Innovative online discussion

A few days ago I found out about a tool which provides the opportunity to do interactive discussions in a new way. It’s called Synthetron which sounds like it’s coming out of an old sci-fi series “hey Spock, the conversation got stuck in a vortex, let’s get the synthetron”.

Still – apart from the bit of fun here – it does look interesting. The idea is that you can have a live discussion where you are able to vote on everything the others are saying in the discussion. Normally – by doing this – some quotes, opinions should surface throughout the discussion so it sort of synthesizes the discussion for you.


I couldn’t say if it really is so great yet, I’m hoping to test it soon. Emerce (NL) apparently has done a test which was seemed to have been quite good, and LVB (BE) is planning one as we speak.

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