Free cell not so free (Cont’d)

Last week Geert wrote about this phony (sounds funny in the context) campaign of CelBel, which was created to raise awareness of the dangers of internet (read here).

Now it seems like this campaign gets even more criticism as reported by L’Echo (registration required).

“The campaign on CelBel, a fictitious mobile telephony operator, has been deemed incompatible with the basic principles of ethical advertising by the Belgian Direct Marketing Association (ABMD-BDMV) and the Advertising Council. CRIOC-OIVO, the organizer, reacted by saying that the operation is not an advertising campaign, an opinion shared by Edge Communication, the agency that realized the CelBel website.”

It did have its effect though. A lot of youngsters were easily tricked into it. Will they be more careful next time?

To be continued?

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