Web 2.0 today: more of the same?

I think I noticed it the first time at Micropersuasion, but now it’s starting to pop up on numerous blogs, it made me think of something. I’m talking about this funny little app that you can use to create your own web 2.0 logo. It’s like a sign of the times.



Looking at my own creation (which I haven’t kept) or the ones from Scoble, Rubel or Le Meur, they are all completely the same. And while this is just a funny little app to parody a bit the web 2.0 era, it’s actually not too far away from reality. Looking at all the new web 2.0 startups that pop up these last few weeks and months, how many original services have you noticed in between of whole bunch of digg-like, flickr-like and whatever-like services?

I think that, while we will see a lot more newcomers over the couple of months, and probably some really good ones as well, we might come to a new turning point. What’s the business model? How are we going to make this big? How are we going to make money out of it, because big or small, there are still investors in it in the end, they want only one thing: return on investment. Curious to find out how this will evolve in the next 6 to 12 months.

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