Can flying get any better?

OMG! I’m flying quite a lot for work, mostly within Europe and a couple of times a year to the US. Given the situation of what happened the last few days, you can hardly say it’s fun to fly anywhere. (Is there actually anything you can take with you apart from a plastic bag and your passport?)

And now I’m reading Boeing is also ending it’s Connexion service, the in-flight WIFI! That’s even worse. I always really enjoyed this service on the SAS flights to Seattle (that’s 10 hours of flying) but forget about it, it’s gone. I wrote about the rumour of stopping the Connexion service before, but still hoped it would stay just a rumour.

The Times Online “Do we care about the end of in-flight wi-fi?” says:

“Having to pay the best part of fifteen quid to access the internet for the duration of a flight felt expensive, especially as ground based wi-fi prices have been tumbling, often to zero”

Well I definitely don’t agree. I can’t sleep on a plane, and even on SAS, you can hardly say the in-flight entertainment will keep you amused for 10 hours. Bummer, really!

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