The 10 truths on branded storytelling

I’ve always been quite interested in the whole idea of storytelling in marketing and PR. Also for me it’s a daily task to try and figure out how I can tell the best story on the brands I represent. And how much you recognize other brands that are doing a good job at this, that won’t make it easier for you to figure out how to do it.

About a year ago I had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Paul Abrahams, managing director of Waggener Edstrom in the UK and journalist at the Financial Times before that. He told us a bit more about their method of the MasterNarrative Storytelling method that learns you about the elements each story should have to potentially become a compelling story.

That was pretty interesting, but it missed something. Even if your story holds all the necessary elements to make it a good story, how can you make it stand out? Alain Thys wrote an interesting post about just that on Futurelab, which gives you the 10 truths on branded storytelling. Here they are:

  1. Seek the Story to Rule them All
  2. Great Stories Come To You, If You Listen
  3. Amplify Those Stories That Others Can Tell
  4. Connect your Branding Efforts to Your USP
  5. Connect your Story Efforts to Your Bottom Line
  6. Know Your Classics (yet don’t get hung up on them)
  7. Storytelling is Not Just About Words
  8. You Don’t Need to Tell it All
  9. Let Go of the Illusion of Control
  10. You Cannot Fake Authenticity

Make sure you read the full post from Alain Thys at Futurelab’s blog, where you will get some more explanation on all 10 truths. You will find it really interesting.

[Via Customer World]



  1. newmw says:

    Interesting stuff, like the top 10, although I’m having a hard time using stories for branding and marketing. Since every story has some bad and good sides, authenticity also includes downsides, otherwise it’s hard to tell a convincing story imho. But nice list and nice post from Alain Thys!

  2. Alain Thys says:

    Hi Kris

    Thanks for the plug (or should I say “bedankt”)

    RU still based in Belgium ? If so, perhaps we can meet for a beer to do a mental sparr on the topic (ideas have evolved quite a bit).


    PS. If you run into Marc Bresseel in one of your corridors, please give him my regards

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