Let the games begin!

Interesting news at Gamerscore today. Microsoft announced the XNA Game Studio Express today at Gamefest. The what?! That was at least my first question when I read it, but it’s actually quite exciting. From now on, you can create Xbox 360 console games. From the press release:

“XNA Game Studio Express will be available for free to anyone with a Windows® XP-based PC and will provide them with Microsoft’s next-generation platform for game development. By joining a “creators club” for an annual subscription fee of $99 (U.S.), users will be able to build, test and share their games on Xbox 360 and access a wealth of materials to help speed the game development progress. This represents the first significant opportunity for novice developers to make a console game without a significant investment in resources”

I’m very curious to see what will come out of that. The beta will be available at the end of this month, so I hope we’ll be seeing the first games to come out of that in the following months.


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