Windows Live updates (5)

I don’t have as many updates to share as I usually do with this kind of posts, but the updates on and Windows Live Mail Desktop announced earlier are quite significant hence this post.

The Windows Live Mail Desktop beta has some improvements on RSS, email settings, contact management, … but the most visible improvement is definitely the UI, really nice. You can also more easily try it out for yourself, by downloading it here.

wlmd.jpg did get an update on the UI as well, it now also has got “the orb”. It’s good to see the Orb appear consistently on more and more Windows Live services. Apart from this UI change, has also got some performance changes. More details on the team blog.


Last but not least, the developer center is now open. You might have already seen the Windows Live Gallery, but now all developers can start creating gadgets, custom toolbar buttons, messenger activities, bots, search macros… and yes Vista gadgets.


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