Spinal Tap of agencies?

I really like this remark Clo made on the Agency.com pitch for Subway :-) Thought that it was a good way to start this post. Mixed feelings, that’s the very least you could say. Some people like the way did something new, some think it’s the most stupid thing they’ve ever seen. I’m probably somewhere in the middle this time.

My biggest problem with the video and the blog is that it is indeed lame, like Rubel put it. Apart from the fact that they’ve uploaded it to YouTube and that there was a certain risk in doing that, the video itself shows nothing new at all. There’s no innovation shown in the video, it just shows a classical – boring – approach to a pitch, and that makes it indeed a bit like Spinal Tap. I was looking forward to what Bert (Agency.com Brussels) would say about it, and he says the same thing: the video should have been more fun, not taking themselves so seriously.

The least we can say is that it generated a big discussion, looking at the number of comments everywhere, but also on the latest edition of Across the Sound (ATS#47 – Celebrity Sethmatch) Seth Godin and Joseph Jaffe talked about it for a while. And it generated some spoofs as well, like this one from Coudal (pitching Arby’s for the moment, you’ll see why).

Keep Agency.com in the pitch? Geert would, but I’m not sure. They clearly are up for a viral stunt, but creativity was not top. Curious to see how this will evolve anyway.



  1. newmw says:

    The Spinal Tap metaphor is brilliant, I saw the video and I totally agree. I mean.. come on! That is some bad acting. ‘This one goes to eleven!’

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    ‘When we roll, we roll big’ I’m sure we’ll see spoofs of that one. Maybe the Reuters’ photographer can have a t-shirt of that: ‘when we smoke, we smoke big’ ;-)

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