Naked Conversations

About a week or 3 ago I finished reading Naked Conversations. I honestly had my reservations on the book. Although Scobleizer was amongst the first blogs that I subscribed to, and even is the blog that made me think about WordPress when Scoble switched to it… I hardly ever am really interested in the posts. But Tom gave me the book and told me it was quite interesting and I had to read it.

So I did, and I’m happy I did. I enjoyed reading it and I suggest that everyone interested in blogging should do as well. I don’t want to go rambling out which parts are good, which are less, quote some pieces here and there… just read it. And in a true blog-like way, I will now pass on my copy to Geert, I’m sure he’ll like reading it as well.



  1. shel israel says:

    Thanks for this. It’s comments like this that make me happy we wrote the book.

  2. geertd says:

    Thanks for the book Kris!

  3. moseswilbur says:

    I’ll have to check it out…

  4. S V S says:

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  5. z0rg says:

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