Meebo WordPress widget

Today a new widget got launched on It’s a widget that integrates the new MeeboMe service that the people over at Meebo have created. It will allow people to chat with you – personally, no shoutbox – from your webpage whenever you’re logged into the service. I definitely want to test this out with my Windows Live account, but it sure looks good. You can see how it works on Andy Skelton’s blog, who posted the news on as well.



  1. Bruce Lewin says:

    You can also use the text widget and put the code in there :-)

  2. amber says:

    check out

  3. shekhar says:

    But after i open my blog as a administration, only the template appear and it doesn’t work. That means if my visitor send me message, it doesn’t appear in meebo box

    1. shawnliau says:

      my too…i only can chat with ppl when i login to meebo..and chat there..and not chat in my blog….

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