Ad Mashup blog

Yesterday, Advertising for Peanuts launched a new blog, the Ad Mashup blog. A must see. To know what it’s all about, read the blog’s guidelines:

Ad Mashup was created to give the ad community a place to explore, tweak and play around with the medium of advertising, without taking ourselves too seriously. This site is a place for us to experiment, discuss and be creative (while there are no clients watching).

Here’s how it works:
E-mail your best Ad Mashup along with the original ad in its unaltered state. If selected, your Ad Mashup will be posted along with your name and a web address linked back to the site of your choosing.

Ad Mashup guidelines:
We don’t want to see your portfolio work. We don’t want to see you completely redesign and re-write an existing ad. The best Ad Mashups will be the ones where you tweak the least but change the most.

There are already a few examples on the blog to give you an idea. I would love to see some great ad mashups so hopefully a lot of advertising people will respond to it. Hopefully the examples won’t only be from print ads so the mashups extend to other media as well.


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