Blogger profiling fun

Mack Collier at the Viral Garden has a fun post on different types of bloggers. It’s a fun top 10 and whenever you’re reading some of the blogs that are out there, you most certainly recognize some people ;-)

Here’s 3 examples, but make sure you go read the full top 10 at The Viral Garden.

1 – The Godfather. He invented blogging, and then wrote the first book on the subject. One link from him will give your blog as much traffic as it gets in a month. Likewise, if you piss him off, he will flame you, which is the same as credibility-suicide. As a result, no one has the stones to tell him that he hasn’t made a lick of sense since at least 2003.

2 – The Conference Groupie. Attends each and every blogging conference, clapping furiously at every A-Lister’s speech and giving meticulous accounts of how he met every A-Lister that attended, although none of them will admit to meeting this blogging everyman on their own blogs.

3 – I call bullshit. The blogger that loves to hit every A-Listers’ blog, trying to knock them out of their ivory towers, and back down to earth. Calls them all windbag assholes, but secretly envies their superior links and traffic.

4 – …

Check it out.


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