Interesting interview on Twopointouch with Robert Scoble. Especially when asked what Microsoft gained from his blog: (…) It showed that they were listening. Which is so rare. They got a lot of PR out of it, and I suppose that was the main thing. But it also affected the way the rest of the company communicated with […]

The Safer Internet EU programme includes a campaign in Belgium for CelBel, which boasts a free telephony subscription for any youngster under 21. It seems to good to be true, and it is, as shown by the fake operator campaign which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of the Internet. Within a week 1,200 […]

Excellent presentation on Viral Marketing with a lot of examples and cases. You can find the video here. Great Stuff! Found thanks to Dutch Cowboys

When Kris asked me to blogsit (is this the right term?), I immediately said yes. First of all because I wanted to help but also because I didn’t think it would be that much more difficult than just handling my own blog Brandopia and posting irregularly on our Windows Live Team Blog. Boy, was I […]

Another excellent presentation from Seth Godin at Gel 2006. This time the concept of the speech is: “if I think it’s broken, it’s broken”. Found thanks to Coolzor and cross posted on Brandopia

Ok, that’s it, I’m finally taking a couple (or more) days off and spend some quality time with the wife and kids (preferably somewhere where the weather is good) and I won’t do too much blogging during those days (probably none at all actually). To keep things going at ‘Cross The Breeze, I’ve asked a […] is having it’s first birthday. Well have a good one Matt and team, I’m enjoying WordPress ever since I got on it 10 months ago! Congrats!