What did Microsoft get from Scoble?

Interesting interview on Twopointouch with Robert Scoble. Especially when asked what Microsoft gained from his blog: (…) It showed that they were listening. Which is so rare. They got a lot of PR out of it, and I suppose that was the main thing. But it also affected the way the rest of the company communicated withContinue reading “What did Microsoft get from Scoble?”

Oberon Livebot Gateway

Oberon Medialab has come up with a new way to make it easier for agencies to create bots for MSN & Windows Live Messenger. If you haven’t heard about bots before, they’re basically an innovative way to interact with the +200 million Messenger users out there. Here are some examples. Oberon apparently gets a lot ofContinue reading “Oberon Livebot Gateway”

The worst of Advertising?

In online advertising we see an evolution where are getting more and more targetted if possible, and less intrusive. Think about AdWords from Google, or compare how ad-clean Windows Live Mail is looking versus the classic Hotmail screen,… All signs of less ads and more related to what you’re interested in whenever that’s possible. InContinue reading “The worst of Advertising?”

Web 2.0 today: more of the same?

I think I noticed it the first time at Micropersuasion, but now it’s starting to pop up on numerous blogs, it made me think of something. I’m talking about this funny little app that you can use to create your own web 2.0 logo. It’s like a sign of the times. Looking at my ownContinue reading “Web 2.0 today: more of the same?”