How to explain RSS to your grandma

This is exactly the title of a post on downloadsquad a few days ago. There are some things in life – especially in technology – that are so easy once you understand it, but boy what are they hard to explain. RSS is exactly one of those things. It couldn’t be any easier, but haveContinue reading “How to explain RSS to your grandma”

Advertising for the color-blind

Recently, the MIT Advertising Lab wrote some posts about advertising for the color-blind. Since I’m color-blind myself, I have a special interest for this topic. First of all, the question raised whether advertisers are testing their ads to be accessible for people with color vision defficiency as apparently 8% of all caucasian males are color-blindContinue reading “Advertising for the color-blind”

The million dollar office

It seems like the million dollar homepage has resulted in some amazing offline ideas as well. It’s no secret that people have tried to replicate the idea online (with most of the time only a small twist to it) without big success. It seems like this project from the Sandberg Institute in The Netherlands mightContinue reading “The million dollar office”