The Silly Season

The Silly Season, had to repeat that, always found that a great name for what it stands for. There’s a good description about it on (yes it’s about Formula 1).

“… ‘silly season’, the annual merry-go-round of driver changes…”

So this is the part of the Formula 1 season when everyone starts guessing who will drive where next year. With the big amount of drivers ending their contract in 2006, the Silly Season has probably never been as important as this year. In some cases the decision lies with the driver, in many cases it’s the team that holds the answer. With Schumacher, Raïkkonen, Massa, Webber, Trulli, Villeneuve, Coulthard, … still undecided we have new rumours every day.

Well again, I just find ‘Silly Season’ a great name for an interesting period in Formula 1. Maybe we should have our own Silly Season, wouldn’t that be great ;-)


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