‘Cross the Bahama Breeze

I’m on my way to Orlando while I’m writing this. To kill time a bit during the flight – we already had a one hour delay before taking off in Brussels – I was going through some of my travel information and it seems there’s a bar in Orlando called the ‘Bahama Breeze’. That was just too good, so I think I’ll go ‘Cross the Bahama Breeze tomorrow night. Seems like a fine idea to me

Anyway, blogging was already slow lately but this week it will be really tough to find time to write anything at all. So bare with me for a couple of days, I hope I can do some writing again when flying the long way home.

Update: and don’t fly with Delta Airlines, I’ll spare you the details.



  1. Tom Mertens says:

    Ha, Kris, and you got an early connection to Orlando from JFK. Just wait till you hear about how we suffered to get to Orlando from JFK… (To give you an idea: we only arrived at the hotel around 1:00AM, that is probably about 4 to 5 hours later than you.)

  2. Pieter Dom says:

    Delta? Grrrreaat food! ;)

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