Any comments?

More and more I find myself ‘in the conversation’ by commenting on other people’s blogs. The difficulty of all that is that you want to keep track of those comments so you know how the conversation continues. Well, this is kind of difficult, unless you got the proper tools of course. Lifehacker just did a review of some of those tools and Coolz0r did the same a while ago, so it was easy to find out which services to check out.

Both seemed to agree that co.mments was the service to go for so I registered and started using it since this weekend. And I must say, this is really looking good. It’s very easy to add a conversation that you want to track, and it’s presented in a very clear way with the freshest comments always at the top. If you don’t want to go to co.mments all the time to follow up, you can easily add the tracking page as an RSS feed to your reader. Yeah, nice tool.



  1. assaf says:

    Kris, thanks :-)

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