Vista, Office 2007, IE7 and some lobster

Last wednesday – June 28th – my colleagues from DPE organised a blogger meeting to present some Microsoft beta products, namely Windows Vista beta 2, Microsoft Office beta 2 and Internet Explorer 7 beta 2 (beta 3 was launched only 2 days later). Apart from Tom Mertens and David Boschmans who organised the ‘event’, there were some more Microsoft colleagues present: Jurgen Van Duvel, Arlindo Alves, Yves Kerwyn, Patrick Viaene, Eva Van Laere and myself.

Most people invited were also present at the Windows Live Session with Phil Holden a couple of months ago, so it was nice to meet again. As usual I don’t put my own comments of the event up here – I liked it – but I try to give an overview of all related posts I can find.

Online coverage:

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As usual this post might get some updates the next coming days when I find more posts related to this meeting.



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