Month: July 2006

Gaming for the color-blind

After ‘Advertising for the color-blind‘ (a post I wrote earlier this month) it’s time for gaming. Joystiq has an interesting post on the topic. I have the same color sight deficiency Conrad is talking about […]

More Photosynth

I already mentioned last week that I thought Photosynth is one of the coolest things I’ve seen lately. There was another idea on how Photosynth’s technology could evolve in the future, which I wanted to […]

The Silly Season

The Silly Season, had to repeat that, always found that a great name for what it stands for. There’s a good description about it on (yes it’s about Formula 1). “… ‘silly season’, the […]

WordPress in

Geert at Brandopia just wrote about this cool gadget for WordPress. I hand’t seen this before, but looks pretty cool. I installed the gadget on my page and played around a bit with […]

Microsoft 2.0

Pietel sent me this link a couple of days ago. The Yah Hooray website has a collaboration project ongoing where you can upload your own web2.0 redesign of famous logos. There are already loads of […]

Visa for kids

Sign of the times? The latest version of the Monopoly boardgame comes with VISA branded credit cards instead of paper money. Apparently it’s part of an international deal between Parker and VISA, which designed the […]