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This is maybe not a big thing, but quite a lot of bloggers have been asking us for this and so here it is. The “Add to” button is available and here’s how you can use it if you want to. If you want to testdrive it first, click on the “Add to” button that is in my navigation.

To implement the “Add to Live” button on your site, simply add this code and image to the appropriate page(s) on your site:
<a href=””&gt;
<img src=”addtolive.gif” border=”0″/></a>
(should be all in 1 line but my blog doesn’t seem to accept that ;-))
When you insert this code:

  1. Replace with the Web address of your RSS feed, including any subdirectories.
  2. Copy the addtolive.gif image (right click this one addtolive.gif and save it to your local machine) to the same directory as the page containing the link or put the full path to its location in the <img src> string.

So go ahead and be the first to put this on your blog or site.


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