Marketing finder

Yesterday I played around with the search macros in I quite often want to perform a search on marketing related stuff and then I most of the time prefer to start the search on marketing websites. Since you don’t want to go over all sites one by one to search, I used Rollyo or the search option in my RSS reader to get this marketing scope. RSS Bandit (my RSS reader) gives good results but only for more recent topics. Rollyo performs quite ok, but I don’t like the clutter on the page, there’s just too much of it.

The search macro option might just give me the result I want. I started with the top 25 marketing blogs that ‘The Viral Garden’ pulls together every week and I added some extra blogs to them. The first results are quite promising. I will play around with the macros a bit more, especially the order of the search results is something I would like to change (let me know if you know how) and I might add a few more sources to it. If you are using and you want to give this search macro a try, you can find it here.

I created another one with top advertising sites too, but especially in that one the order of the search results is something I need to change because otherwise results are almost only from AdRants. Maybe I’ll send the guys from the team this question and hope they can help me out.


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