I just got back from a presentation from Leo Burnett & Contagious Magazine called Wildfire: Ideas that spread and sell and it was definitely a good one. While showing some good examples – the usual and some new stuff – they called out to marketers to take a risk and start doing things differently. Is that new? Are they the only ones? Definitely not, but since a lot of advertisers don't get it yet, everybody who makes the call should be supported. And what I also liked is that they try to get the conversation going, which is the right way to do. So if you're curious about this, check out the Wildfire blog and see how it evolves. It's definitely worth a shot.

And just as a sidenote, it seems like LYNXjet is going to be the bigger winner this year at the festival this year… if they already aren't. Check out their campaign.



  1. Zach Graham says:

    Kris – Glad you enjoyed the seminar. It looks like your link to the Wildfire Blog is accidentally pointing to the Lynx article though. Could you amend it to point to http://www.wildfire2006.com/blog.htm? And while your there… get the conversation started! The blog is set up so that anything you email to wildfireseminar.mobpost@blogger.com will be automatically posted. What pieces of work from the seminar did you find particularly creative? Which companies (if any) consistently demonstrate that they “get it”? What’s Next?? We’d love to hear what you have to say.

    Thanks and enjoy the rest of the festival,


  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Hey Zach, you’re right about the url. I corrected it. Impressed with the speed of the response by the way, it truly shows you are in the conversation…

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