Windows Live updates (3)

It's time for some Windows Live updates again. Some major updates have happened the last few days, with one of the most important updates – the Windows Live Messenger launch – about to happen in a couple of hours. Watch this space!

Another very important update happened only a few days ago, namely the UI refresh. First of all the new page has got the true Windows Live brand experience and apart from that the most significant change is the new first run experience. Existing users can only see this when they start over again. A interesting new feature is the possibility to use templates, there are 5 templates ready (US only) that can help you build your personal page.


When you like the gadgets you can use on than you might also like the update to MSN Spaces which will allow you to get gadgets on your MSN Space (and included also a bug fix for IE7 beta 2 users). On of the gadgets I most probably will add to my MSN Space is the one for Windows Live favorites, a service that was released (v.1) on June 16th.

Important retail release was the one of Windows Live OneCare – although US only for the moment – which is a service dedicated at PC health, so not security alone anymore. Read out the post of Ryan Hamlin on OneCare team blog. We met briefly when Ryan was visiting Belgium a couple of months ago (to meet FCCU & ChildFocus) and I must say his team is doing quite an impressive job.

Then I wanted to link to this post at MSBlog that talks a bit more about the differences between Windows Live Mail Desktop versus Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail (Vista). I get this question quite often and apart from showing the different services, this is the best explanation you can find. I think it's quite clear although naming could be better…
Last but not least, make sure you take a look at these destinations: Windows Live Dev ( or the new developer ressource for Windows Live, Pass The Poi (a website that collects and share Windows Live Local collections – see for yourself) and the Windows Live Product Reader (not official) [Via Niall Kennedy] that gathers all Windows Live Product blogs in one place.


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